Yesterday’s super quick leg workout!

kettlebell1After a weekend away and a break from the gym, I was ready to start my Monday morning with a killer leg workout. A couple of rest-days were much appreciated after a busy week, however by the end of the second day I am always aching to get back into my routine and back to working out. Yesterday’s Monday morning just happened to be leg day, which was perfect as I was ache-free after a couple of days off and ready to smash it!

I have been strength training over the past few months and squats are one movement that I am constantly working on. I will be blogging more about my fitness goals and my ‘journey’ in the near future, but for now here is my workout from today. It is a perfect example of how I generally structure my sessions and how I adapt them to suit me. Furthermore, I managed to squeeze this into a 45 minute gym trip as I had to be off to work early. I love a short, intense workout…no messing about, just get in and get the job done!

A1: Squats.
5 x 5 (building up the weight by 2.5kg at each set, working on depth and control)
2 minutes rest between sets.

B1: Romanian DeadLifts (60kg barbell)
B2: Walking Lunges (holding 17.5kg dumbbells)
Superset = 5 x 10 of both movements [10 of each movement = 1 set].
No rest between movements, 1 minute rest between set.

C1: Kettle Bell swings (20kg KB)
50 swings as fast as possible
(This week it took me 1minute22…a new PB!)

D1: Russian Twists (with 10kg plate)
4 x 12 [a twist to each side = 1 rep]
1 minute rest between sets.

And there you have it – a short, sweet and successful leg session.

Including both strength and hypertrophy based movements in my programme means that I can continue improving my ability to lift heavy weights whilst also building muscle. Also, having a mix of different movements helps to keep my sessions interesting, enjoyable and most of all, attainable.

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