Battling the blemishes: Tea Tree to the rescue!

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while as skin troubles have been the bane of my life recently. Over the past few months I have struggled with constant blemishes, spots, pimples – whatever you like to call them, and it has definitely been getting me down at times. Of course, make-up doimage-7es a great job at covering things up, but I’ve come to learn that a good skincare routine is important to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy under all those beauty products.

I’ve used several face wash products over the years but have never found one that I’ve found to make a noticeable difference. However, a few weeks ago I decided to give this Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Facial Wash from The Body Shop a go. I have used body butters, creams and make up from the Body Shop in the past and have loved them, therefore I felt positive that this product would be a good one. I wasn’t mistaken! This tea tree wash is so light on your face and I have really noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. I have significantly less blemishes and even better is that it smells lovely and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. Tea Tree oil is found to be a great skin treatment – it is known for its ‘healing powers’ and is a natural ingredient used in many different shampoos, skincare products and ointments. So it’s definitely a must in my book and this face wash is just lovely – a new staple in my skincare routine!

What skin care products do you swear by?

How to stay healthy at Christmas

Christmas is around the corner which means a lot of delicious and indulgent food to look forward to. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this time of year and can’t wait to tuck in to my Mum’s roast dinners and all the chocolate and cake that is bound to be on offer. I think it’s completely healthy to indulge at Christmas and if you’re going to relax and enjoy yourself at some point in the year, then this is a really perfect opportunity!

The one thing I don’t want, however, is to eat so much food that I feel awful for the entire festive period. Over the past year or so I have become much more interested in my health and fitness, and I have learned how good my body can feel when fuelled with nutritious, healthy food. (This is something I plan to blog more about in the future).

Anyway, I am visiting my family this week and the ‘bad food’ temptations started as soon as I entered the door! Despite making a promise to myself that I will enjoy the festive period without worrying too much about food, I want to do some ‘damage limitation’ so to speak. Therefore I have come up with a few tips of how we can all enjoy Christmas but also keep on track and keep feeling good over the next couple of weeks:

  • Starting Christmas day with a good breakfast will set you up for a day of treats and make you feel better about eating what you want later on. Have some eggs with smoked salmon, or grilled bacon with spinach and tomatoes – still delicious, filling and full of good fats and protein.
  •  Try to eat relatively healthily during the days running up to Christmas and the ones after. Again this will make you feeling better about indulging on the day and keep you feeling good throughout.
  • Save the treats for when you really want them. Don’t eat 3 mince pies in a row just because you can. Eat one when you really fancy it – trust me, treats you wait for are the ones you tend to enjoy the most!
  • Keep up the exercise! 2 weeks away from your usual routine doesn’t have to mean 2 weeks of sitting on the sofa. Find a local gym which offer a pay-as-you-go option – this is what I plan to do whilst staying with my parents. If this isn’t possible or if the gym is closed, why not try some home workouts or go for a walk or a run to get your body moving.
  • Stay hydrated. Again, a few days or weeks outside of your normal routine can make you forget how important it is to drink enough water, so keep a bottle with you and try to keep up with your recommended intake.
  • Finally, take time for yourself and relax. After all, this is the time of year when we should take a break from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some time with our friends and family. So do exactly that! Christmas day is one day of the year where worrying about what you eat is NOT allowed. It’s a day of roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and all the chocolate you can eat.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!



Winter Essentials

winteressentialsOne thing about me is that I really hate the cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love those crisp winter days when the sun is shining and the air is fresh, but I always have to wrap up as warm as possible. Therefore I thought I would share a few of my ‘winter essentials’ with you.

Here I am wearing my new woolly hat which I recently bought from a vintage fair for an absolute bargain, and a HUGE scarf which keeps me toasty at this chilly time of year. I also team these up with a pair of sheepskin gloves to keep the heat in!



Hat: Vintage £4

Scarf: Zara £19.99

Gloves: Ugg (These were a gift but range from about £100 – £120)

So don’t be cold and ensure you choose your winter accessories wisely

Winter make-up splurge

Winter is here and December is round the corner…so we should all be doing our Christmas shopping right? Well I had the intention to start working through my festive to-do list last weekend, but a shopping trip with my friend turned into a rather huge make-up spree for myself! Oops… However I don’t feel too bad this was my first shopping trip for quite a while (I know, a depressing thought… I blame an expensive month of family birthdays and the odd car breakdown that left me slightly out of pocket). Thankfully payday arrived and I found some amazing wintery beauty products that I have to share with you!

Product: Bobbi Brown Lipstick
Colour: Burnt Redimage-2
Price: £17.50

I’ve been slowly easing myself into lipstick wearing (I’ve always been a bit safe with neutral colours) and I decided that it was finally time to buy myself a bold, classic red. I chose a darker shade as I wanted something for the winter and also I think it’s a lovely timeless colour. I tried several brands and visited several makeup counters before I settled for Burnt Red from Bobbi Brown. It’s important to me that a lipstick is long lasting and feels light on my lips and this one has both of those qualities. Plus, the colour is just beautiful, perfect for a winter’s day or a Christmas party night! Also, it was a very good price compared to the other up-market brands I tried on – the actual price was £19.50 but John Lewis had a special 10% discount offer on so this made it an even better deal, winner!

Product: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish 
Colour: Desire
Price: £4.49

Another winter must-have and perfect for the festive season. A girl can never have too many nail  vanishes and this one is the perfect colour to accessorise with my winter wardrobe. I really like Rimmel products as I find them to be good quality and for a really great price. I’ve been wearing it for 2 days now and the chipping is very minimal, so not too bad at all I say!



Product: Rimmel Apocalips
Colour: Galaxy
Price: £6.49 image-4

So not only did I purchase my first red lipstick, but I bought an even darker ‘lip laquer’ too! Half the reason is because I wanted a cheaper product to use so that I don’t run out of my more expensive Bobbi Brown lipstick really quickly, and secondly I wanted a darker and purpler colour as something a bit different. Apocalips from Rimmel is a really lovely alternative to classic lipstick – it has a deep intense colour, which lasts really well, and it smells lovely too!


Product: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 
Colour: Eternal Gold
Price: £4.99

This cream gel eyeshadow has been on my to-buy list for a while now. I love gold-coloured eyeshadows in general and had been told about how good this product it. Long lasting and easy to apply, Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo collection offers a wide range of bold, metallic shades, which go perfectly with just about anything!